Andrew Bradbery

My interest in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of consciousness developed when I was an engineering manager working in industry. To manufacture different parts particular technical solutions were necessary. The mental answers needed to meet the physical challenges had to work with cost constraints and serve product integrity. These four dimensions of experience each provided a framework of possibilities that inter-relate with each other.  

In retirement, my interest grew in understanding more about the complexities that arise in the relationships between these four dimensions of intelligence in personal, social and cultural contexts. Research to identify the first culture to adopt a new change spanned many past millennia. It was discovered that each of these dimensions of emerging consciousness provides a frame of reference that defines a particular period. These frames remind me of my childhood tasks when doing jigsaw puzzles; the first step was to isolate and join all the pieces that defined the picture’s edges. With this frame in place, the right place for each piece was found. 

The perspectives provided by this book use many different frames to describe how physical, emotional mental and spiritual dimension of intelligence each developed as it emerged during past millennia. To my great surprise, the patterns created included other qualities with their own frames that relate the growth of intelligence to an obscure natural cycle. When tested by the evidence of prehistoric progress, a process is identified, which extends into our own lives.

This overview shows how physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dimensions of consciousness each interweave their continuum of change with each other: like a four dimensional jigsaw puzzle. This process extends into our time and provides new perspectives within which our modern challenges can be considered.